Solitaire Gardens Pogo

Solitaire Gardens is one of the top Pogo game that can attract thousands of players each day. Open the door and enter a room in which you can check your skill for free. Have a look at all of the cards existing on the table and quickly figure out the appropriate trick before you embark on your job. With the tip that you find, you can earn the score as expected. Indeed, it is essential to make a plan instead of relying on the speed. Your result in Solitaire Gardens will be calculated based on some factors like the accuracy, the number of remaining items in your pile and the overall score. In case you get troubles, you are allowed to pick out the Shuffle Power-Up which will refresh the set in a wink. Unfortunately, the Undo will obstruct opportunities to shoot three stars. To watch how a professional get the flower power meter up and to the double multiplier, you can choose the Johnny 5 robot look-alike. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse to play cards.

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