Engage RISK, a cool classic Pogo board game of strategic conquest from Hasbro, and experience an exciting adventure! Open the world map and you will know every location that you need to visit. In each place you arrive, you need to dominate it as fast as possible. Moreover, you are asked to dominate the globe forever. You should set up military objectives, command your troops and launch the campaign excellently so you can rule every continent quickly. You will play RISK in turn. Thus, you can observe the movements of the enemy and adjust your plan if necessary while he is sending his soldiers. At the start, you will own a controllable army. From what you are given, you can use them to capture territories from opponents. When you claim a land, the Deployment Phase will be activated. It allows you to put down remaining units in the occupied regions. Additionally, you will receive many other interesting items. Have fun!

How to play

Take part in a thrilling expedition and travel through the world of RISK Pogo game! Attack strategically and capture all of the territories to be the strongest King!

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