Reversi Pogo

Explore and play Reversi Pogo game, you should not ignore looking for the best strategies to overcome difficulties and unlock the final stage. You will not only capture the most number of the opponent’s pieces on each turn. Aside from the first levels, you are required to prove your ability by considering the result after you move. Remember to observe and figure out every appropriate way to make sure that you can progress! You are recommended to look ahead. So, you are able to take a corner to cause the rival to act into the square next to the place you want. Once you can complete the initial step, you will know the advantage that it gives you. But, it is not the ultimate objective. When you experience Reversi, do not forget to limit options of the other player if you are longing to achieve the goal. Besides, there are many different tricks waiting for you to discover and check. Have fun!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to interact with items.

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