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Privacy policy is one of the first factors that you should refer to when logging into our website. Learn about this policy to protect your interests.

We understand that the privacy policy will make the website more binding and data integrity. Not only this website, but all websites around the world have a privacy policy section. You should refer to the content of this article to better understand Of course, everything will have two sides to the problems, hope you can understand and sympathize with the requirements below. privacy policy

This is the full Privacy Policy provided and hosted by us –! All users should review our Privacy Policy to understand what information we collect about them. We are a site specializing in introducing games from the site They are a unit providing simple games with many genres on web browsers. That’s why we bring reviews of their games. From there, help players get the best view of the game before going to the main homepage at to play.

Before you become a user of our website, it is important that you understand all Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.’s Privacy Policy includes some important information, including:

  • Type of information collected by us.
  • The reason why we collect your information.
  • Type of information not collected by us.
  • How users can access and manage their information collected by us.
  • Information about cookies.
  • Information about our privacy.

In addition to the Privacy Policy, users should review our Terms of Use before using our online services.

Privacy Policy in type of information collected

  • When you read reviews on our website, you provide your basic information to us. This information may include your preferences and other information related to your play.
  • Information you use to contact us. They include Avatar / Profile Picture, Username, Email, Address, Name, and Password that you use for the game account.
  • We also collect the data you have provided to us for advertising purposes. We collect data about the games you played, your IP Address, your country, your time zone, local settings, network connection, and browser.
  • Besides, we also collect your device ID, user ID, and other information about the games you have played on our website for analysis. This also includes the ads you’ve viewed and clicked on.
  • There will be third parties on our website and they will collect some of your information, like Facebook. They include your Facebook name, profile picture, Facebook ID, and other public data about your friends.

Why is your information collected by us?

For a number of reasons, we must obtain your information when you use our online services:

  • Your information will help us know how to improve our service.
  • Help us contact you when you need our help. So, for all questions about our website or any game, you can send your request to us via
  • Your data will help us find new users, place ads to maintain the site.
  • The information from you will helps us detect and prevent illegal behavior.

The type of information that is not collected by us

We, do not collect inaccurate information and information of children under the age of 13. We do not encourage children under the age of 13 to play games that are not suitable for their age.

How users can access and manage their information

User information can be accessed and managed by them. You can access and change your information or even delete it if you wish. If you have any questions about this, please send us an email at


We use cookies on our website to collect information about users. In addition to cookies, we may also use other technologies. A cookie is a string of information that is contained by a website on a visitor’s computer and on the browser the visitor uses when they return to the site. Most websites on the Internet use cookies to help websites run more efficiently. In addition, thanks to cookies, we understand how our website is running and who is using it. A limited number of cookies are being used on our website.

Security in Privacy Policy

Our webiste follows all reasonable security practices to prevent users from having wrong use with their personal information. We use passwords to protect the database we are storing. So, staff in charge of website management will use passwords to access the system.

Although we use technical methods to keep our security working. But users should know that no security system can prevent all security breaches. If there is any violation of our website, we will do our best to fix it and keep the best system possible.

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