Pogo Mahjong Safari HD

Match the animal pictures in Pogo Mahjong Safari HD to score points now. The same animals are in need of meeting each other and you will lend them a hand. Hurry up!

Play Pogo Mahjong Safari HD Animal Online
Play Pogo Mahjong Safari HD Animal Online

As a Pogo animal card game, this game has tons of exciting levels for players to explore. The game context takes place in a forest with thousands of different animals. They are showing randomly on the screen as squares. So, your task is to match the same animals to make them disappear. This will open up many new avenues for the next steps. But beware, you will have to follow some rules of Pogo Mahjong free online. Not all roads allow connections. If you connect incorrectly, it will give an error and of course, you have to find another way. What’s more, if you can match quickly, the more points you will score.

Play Pogo Mahjong Safari HD

Play Mahjong Safari HD for free now to show your observation skills. Lots of different animals but only a few allow connecting. So what will you do?

How to play

Touch 2 of the same animals and they will automatically disappear

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