Penguin Blocks Pogo

Penguin Blocks is one of the top free games that you should not ignore. Play the role of Bob and your mission is to build up the best restaurant in the shortest time! When you improve the building, you will be able to continue to explore the adventure. You can find tons of upgrades, ranging from walls to candles and much more. There are many different choices and you can construct another atmosphere whenever you want. Ranking progress in Penguin Blocks Pogo will base on the number of times that you use to retire. Every move will be counted although you are not on any time limit. If you can create combos, you can earn much more money. In other words, you will have to make chains together 3 or even 4 food at once. But, it is not a simple task. You can leave your job by accumulating the asset from gathering pieces of seafood. Do not forget to purchase power-ups!

How to play

Use the mouse to build the new restaurant.

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