Flower Daze Pogo

Flower Daze is a nice online puzzle Pogo game that you can enjoy the new challenge for free. You will be given a special ability which is used to bring another face to the world. You are standing in front of a playing field filled with colorful flowers. However, they are sleeping. They do not realize that the spring has arrived. Your mission is to wake up all of them quickly. It is also the best way to complete your task and win the stage. To achieve the high score, do not ignore using as few moves as you can. The size of the window in Flower Daze will get larger. In case you get a big match, you can earn power-ups. To gain the high bonus points, you are recommended to get on a hot streak. From the initial given opened item, you will utilize it to stimulate others blossom. Press Undo if necessary!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to make flowers open.

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