BATTLESHIP is one of the most addictive Pogo games that you can play free online. To compete with more people, you can register without paying a penny. You will have to learn how to command your army and dominate all of the seas as soon as possible. You should search for the enemy’s ships and sink them accurately. Act carefully and quickly before they do the same for you and even make you fail. There are a lot of hidden super weapons in BATTLESHIP such as torpedoes or heat-seeking missiles. You can unlock and launch a firestorm to wipe out units of the opposing team. Aside from that, you can choose any way to experience. In other words, there are various game modes, for example, Classic, Salvo, and Campaign. Each of them owns different charms. Every boat afloat will give you extra tokens. Why don’t you start to take part in the combat now? Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to choose the target and attack.

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