Balloon Bounce Pogo

Balloon Bounce is an entertaining free online Pogo game that you should explore. Try to complete the mission as soon as possible to collect the high score and become the winner! Before you achieve the goal, you’d better join the room and face the challenge. In which, you are required to inflate all of the given balloons. In other words, you need to fill them with air and make them grow bigger. Meanwhile, do not forget to attack and defeat every alien quickly before they control your airspace and invade your land. In Balloon Bounce, you will be equipped with several effective weapons which are important to set traps and kill the foe. Whilst fighting against invaders, keep your items safe. You can lose if you let them touch and pop. After you win 4 rounds, you will be granted a Jackpot Spin. Remaining antagonists will offer more points. When the meter is full, you can choose power-ups to activate them, for example, Time Bomb, Lead Balloon, and Slow Motion.

How to play

Use the mouse to inflate balloons and beat aliens.

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