Yahtzee Pogo

Yahtzee Pogo is an amazing free board game. Your mission is to score the most point as soon as possible. By rolling five Yahtzee dice, you are able to create some appropriate combinations. The items can be rolled up three times in a turn and you should use that rule to make one of the thirteen feasible scoring amalgamations. There are 13 rounds in which you are allowed to choose and create what you want. Remember that it will not be selected again! Aside from that, there are many different new modes in Yahtzee. They consist of Classic, Tournament, and Challenge. Depend on what you like you will have the chance to compete with a series of increasingly challenging rivals or play against the clock in an exciting tournament. If you win, you will unlock a lot of cups and other stuff. Let’s get ready to join and show your thinking ability now!

How to play:

Use the mouse to roll dices and make combinations.

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