World Class Solitaire Pogo

World Class Solitaire is a popular Pogo game. If you are a fan of the original, you can find rules that you have experienced before useful to beat the new challenge. Indeed, none of the basics changes. However, you can explore some exciting added features. Your task is to move all of the given cards from the table and the deck into one of the four foundation piles located at the top of the screen. They will start with an Ace. From that, you can choose other items in the ascending order. If you are able to arrange everything into the correct place, you will become the winner. In World Class Solitaire, you will get bonuses when you reveal a score multiplier. They are also known as power-ups. They are helpful for those who want to reach the goal while they run out of moves in the middle of the game. Additionally, you will be granted tokens and hints. Good luck!

How to play

Select and sort cards by using the left mouse.

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