WordJong Pogo

WordJong Pogo is similar to Mahjong, a very addictive and popular puzzle game. Your mission is not simple. For a short time, you have to clear everything existing on the playing board to become the winner. After you take part in the challenge, you will sit in front of a screen which contains plenty of tiles. They have single letters. Aside from that, they are stacked. You need to remove each layer one by one in WordJong in the right order. Choose appropriate blocks and put them together to build up correct words. If you are successful, your score will be increased quickly. The long chain that you create will give you wild items. If you’d like to grab your fortune, do not forget to solve puzzles. Besides, you can discover an interesting world crafted by layouts. Are you ready to spell and improve your vocabulary? Let’s begin and conquer every level! Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse to spell words.

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