Word Whomp Whackdown Pogo

Word Whomp Whackdown is one of the best Pogo games, which is considered as the next chapter after Word Whomp. Discover a new beautiful grassland and meet up with cute creatures. They need your help to come back to their home before sunset. They are holding pieces of wood on which you can see separate letters. Your mission is to find appropriate alphabetical characters and match them together to create a correct word. If you are successful, your score will be increased. Additionally, you will win the stage of Word Whomp Whackdown if you fulfill your task excellently. In other words, you cannot leave anything before you step into the next puzzle. Do not forget to move the gopher to eat carrots and obtain a speed round! Besides, you can choose shortcut keys if you’d like to play faster. Are you willing to check your vocabulary and unlock every challenge? Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to match letters and find words.

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