Turbo 21 HD Pogo

Turbo 21 HD is an interesting Pogo game in which you race in another way and earn a lot of tokens. To become the winner, you need to stack given items in groups which can add up to 21. When you are successful, you can drive to the place you want in the short time. If you obtain 13 21s, you will receive a Jackpot Spin. You will have four wells in Turbo 21 and you should fill with cards. You cannot remove a hand with only 20 even if it will beat a dealer in a normal way. You can hit 21 or declare a bust, take a penalty, or move on to a fresh area. You are recommended to finish your task and make the meter full quickly to win the most coins. The speed is considered as the key that causes the challenge to be more thrilling. Why don’t you join the journey now? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to stack available cards.

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