Trizzle Pogo

Play Trizzle Pogo game online for free and earn as many scores as possible! Take part in an exciting challenge and get ready to meet up with lovely Russian dolls. What you need to do to reach the goal and unlock the next stage is to attempt to match three large toys often as possible. It is also the best strategy to increase your points and grow the size of other models nearby. Aside from that, you should not forget to stay centered. You will form mega matches next to the middle of the playing board and you can extend up to eight items. Experience Trizzle you can pick out power-ups when you get stuck. Using them promptly will be able to save your moves effectively. Besides, if you’d like to own exclusive trophies, you are recommended to make combos, huge combinations, and gain high result. Take your time and enjoy your way!

How to play

Use the mouse to match dolls in Trizzle game.

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