Super Dominoes Pogo

Super Dominoes is a cool Pogo game for you to play free against multiple opponents. You are able to sign up and try for one week without paying a penny. The rule is similar to what you have experienced in Dominoes. However, it also stretches the limits of online dominoes with bonus scoring squares along with super ranks and styles that you can unlock them during the challenges. Indeed, it is not difficult to learn with the available instruction. Additionally, you can choose to compete head-to-head or with a computer character. In Super Dominoes, you are allowed to rotate and place your pieces in any area that you target. When it’s your turn, you will draw one of them from the boneyard and play off the original, the starter double, in six directions, or branches. Match them in a standard fashion wisely! Besides, remember to break the spell and block the rival’s progress. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move dominoes.

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