Sudoku Puzzle Blast Pogo

Sudoku Puzzle Blast is the new Pogo game that you can play free online alone. Join a quiet room and you can entertain yourself with an interesting challenge. Sit in front of a playing board containing many squares and try your best to fill up those places with numbers from 1-9. You can use the old rules to beat difficulties because they are not much different. However, Sudoku Puzzle Blast will bring an exciting change. Instead of adding one by one, you are able to drag a piece of three or more figures at once time. Like the previous versions, you do not repeat them in each row, column, and the 3×3 tile. Otherwise, you will have to restart or rearrange. There are seven game modes for you to choose from. They will correspond to your capability. If you advance and become an expert, you can enhance your progress when you level up.

How to play

Use the mouse to choose numbers. Hold Shift and click on the target to activate a Ghost item.

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