Spooky Slots! Pogo

Explore the new world in Spooky Slots! Pogo game and give Jack with the family a hand to find out all of the pumpkins and continue their journey! Your role in the story is to be the one who is required to win the most tokens by creating successful combinations from given Halloween symbols on the reels. In addition to that, you need to progress the trip bonus to obtain more awards. You are able to encounter a lot of scary creatures or items in Spooky Slots! that will increase your treats such as spiders, creepy pumpkins, webs, and bats. On the path, you are also asked to line up just one Jack-O-Lantern to advance the tale. Try to complete your mission as fast as possible because you can fail when you run out of time! If you want to chat, do not ignore the added feature which allows you to talk in a friendly and informal way.

How to Play:

Use the mouse to make winning combinations.

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