Slingo Ricochet Pogo

Slingo Ricochet is one of the best free games related to slots and bingo. Play online and try to complete the objective as soon as possible. So, what you are required is to collect the top number of points in 20 spins or less. Just take part in the challenge and enjoy as you rebound matches off the board sides in order to achieve higher scores and much more fun. Always get ready to improve and show up your own bingo skills!  When you finish your job quickly, you will have the chance to reach the result you expect. In Slingo Ricochet Pogo, you are able to make several Slingos if you learn how to create combinations that help you cover 5 figures in every direction, horizontally, vertically, diagonally and bouncing off the edge of the card. Next, you will obtain more. To be granted extra ones, you should put all together on your piece. Besides, Jokers will increase the filling speed while Cherubs and coins are necessary to gain more in such a competition.

How to play

Use the mouse to collect the highest score.

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