Slingo Blast Pogo

Enjoy Slingo Blast Pogo game and collect the highest point to become the best player. You will start the new job by spinning the available reels or by pressing your individual ones. After that, you can see many numbers at the bottom of the playing screen. You can select the matching figures in the matrix located in the middle of the board. If you can match quickly, you will gain more scores. In Slingo Blast, you will be able to learn how to build up a successful combination and blow up everything wisely. Not only that, you can unlock a lot of special abilities coming from unlocked power-ups in Slingo Blast. They will boost your result and help you earn much more before you run out of time. Additionally, the Blast Mode is really interesting and important to open up a 10-second blitz of Joker. If you level up, you will obtain plenty of awesome boosters. Finally, you can expand your inventory with slots. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to match and blast numbers.

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