Save 25% on Select Power-Ups & Episodes with Pogo Cinco de Mayo Promotion Program

Pogo Cinco de Mayo

Pogo Cinco de Mayo is on sale! This can be one of the most amazing Pogo events you surely don’t want to miss out. With this promotion program, you can easily save 25% on Select Power-ups and Episodes from today through May 6. Quickly grab your items now and use them to get through difficult levels without using much effort. Then what are the deals for this week? Let’s find them out:

  • 25% off Claire Hart: Secret in the Shadows episodes and power-ups
  • 25% off Big City Adventure episodes and power-ups
  • 25% off Slingo Blast power-ups

Remember to head to the store in every game then begin to buy power-ups and more other things. Also, have your skills ready then jump into these games below:

Hope you have a lot of fun joining these games and getting your favorite items with good deals!

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