Ride The Tide Pogo

Ride The Tide is a cool free Pogo game in which you need to get ready to guess higher or lower exactly so you can control the item that you want. Additionally, it is a good chance for you to check the own poker skill. After you join the room, you should follow the instruction to know what to do. Then, you will have to suppose whether your next card is superior or in a downward position than the last one. If you figure out the right answer, you can ride waves in Ride The Tide and perform as a pro. If you find the wrong solution, you will fall into an instance of complete destruction. You’d better finish your task with more pieces than the dealer at the end to be the winner. To win a bonus, do not forget to fill up the meter. Besides, you can collect tons of different power-ups like Reveal Next Card, No Dealer Draw, and Free Draw. Keep an eye on the little surfer buddy since he will wipe out once you lose.

How to play

Use the mouse to choose the correct answer.

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