Poppit! Party Pogo

Poppit! Party Pogo game will start with a grid of multi-colored balloons. They are arranged in 15 columns with 10 rows each. They will appear on the screen after you press the play button. Since that moment, you are allowed to pop any group of two or more matching items. These will be connected together horizontally or vertically. They are obstacles that always rise upwards to change the position of destroyed objects above. If you can find teams of 6 or much more, you will receive Super Pops which also bring back to you more scores. In Poppit! Party or some popular free games, you can earn a prize. Each of them will include bonus points or treasure chests. They exist in four sizes. The larger will give you bigger rewards and better boxes. As you make a light explosive sound and they move to the top, these will drop and stop on the floor. Have much fun!

How to play:

Use the mouse to pop balloons.

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