Poppit! Bingo Pogo

Check Poppit! Bingo, another amazing free game, and be prepared for the upcoming story! Especially, Spike has come back. It’s easy to explore and experience a bursting twist. Your mission is to pop all of the balloons appearing on the playfield as fast as possible to win the highest score. If you can remove special items, you will gain more XP, Cactus Cash, and Tickets. Moreover, you will get bigger rewards when you unlock the new level. Not only that, you are able to find and activate a lot of exciting power-ups in Poppit! Bingo Pogo without difficulty. Each of them will offer various effects. Unleash them to get Bingos quicker. Higher stages will open up rooms with more prizes, better Daily Gift, and Badges. Do not forget to follow the Numbers when they are being called! Currently, you can enjoy up to 200 puzzles. Lots of hidden surprises are waiting for you. Good luck!

How to play

Press the left mouse to pop all balloons.

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