Pogo Phlinx II

Pogo Phlinx II is free for all ages to play online. Discover a new journey and travel through every mysterious location before looting the biggest treasure to become the winner! If you are successful in getting to the end, you will be able to access Celestial Phlinx and occupy its precious items for the rest of the month.

Enjoy Pogo Phlinx II unblocked you will have the time to immerse yourself into an exciting adventure set in a long-lost Egyptian paradise hiding tons of ancient secrets. To achieve the goal, you do not forget to collect everything valuable on the path. Besides, you are also asked to unlock levels in Phlinx II and the nighttime room as soon as possible. When you progress like that, you can delve deeper into creepy tombs, temples and much more. Try to aim, fire and bounce skillfully so your stones can create perfect matches! You will open up areas and game modes not existing before if you conquer glyph collections. Good luck!

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