Plants vs. Zombies Pogo

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best classic Pogo free games. Check your survival skill and push back all of the enemies before it’s too late. If you cannot withstand, they will attack your home and eat your brain immediately after that. It is not a simple battle. But, you need to find out every suitable strategy during the time you are fighting. Moreover, it is really addictive. There are tons of zombies waiting for you. Don’t worry! In each stage, you will be given necessary and special weapons used to destroy the target. Aside from initial items like flowers, you can earn and unlock a lot of traps, obstacles or powerful guns in Plants vs. Zombies like peashooters and cherry bombs. Additionally, do not forget to learn how to put them down in their right position. The difficulty level will not stop. Even, you will get more troubles until you end up every challenge. Choose the mode you want and get ready to command your troop right now!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to build up the best tower defense.

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