Phlinx Pogo

Phlinx Pogo is an addictive free game which set in ancient Egypt. Discover a mysterious temple and engage an exciting challenge taking place under the clear starry sky. In front of your eyes, there are a large number of stones containing strange symbols. You need to remove all of them before they touch the floor and make you fail. In each round, you will be offered a special machine which can launch something at random. Before you boot that tool, you should have a look at what it is holding so you can adjust the angle and choose the best appropriate position. If you want to get the high score in Phlinx, do not forget to find large groups. Note that a very small wrong click can affect the final result! Quickly solve the problem, especially when you get stuck, or you cannot unlock the next stage. Some power-ups will allow you to make everything easier. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse to match identical stones.

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