Phlinx II Pogo

Enter Phlinx II Pogo game and you will have the chance to experience an extremely interesting adventure set in a long-lost Egyptian paradise where a lot of ancient secrets have been hidden. Your mission is to collect all of the mysterious and powerful stones as soon as possible. These items will help you level up glyphs as you move deeper to pyramids, tombs, temples, gates of each God and more. You are given a special tool which can launch “projectiles” which create matches and remove the group that it has already combined with. Additionally, side walls of Phlinx II are useful to bounce objects. Completing glyph sets will unlock locations and modes which do not exist before. Besides, treasure chests contain lots of exciting items. If you finish your journey, you can access Celestial Phlinx to obtain its reward for the rest of the month. Let’s check your shooting skill now! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and shoot stones.

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