Peggle Slots Pogo

Peggle Slots is an addicting free Pogo game for kids and adults. It’s available for you to experience without cost. Make your spin and you can open up plenty of surprises such as Bjorn, Kat Tut, Claude and the favorite mentoring unicorn. Aside from that, completing goals will allow you to unlock a lot of Peggle characters. Each of them will offer new minigames together with bonus rounds, multipliers and much more ways to enjoy. Make sure you will conquer all in the short time. Additionally, you can grab Extreme Fever to select a player and just explore their special minigame. Peggle Slots will be able to share the Coin Bucket with other parlor games like Chuzzle Slots, Bejeweled 2 Slots, and Zuma Slots. After every 4 hours, you will receive a recharge, increasing to 5,000. Make the most of your money before refilling. Let’s begin to rank up! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to play Peggle Slots Pogo game and earn coins.

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