Merge Hit

How to play: Left click to select and match two similar items

About Merge Hit

Join the Merge Hit animal and become an idle pro weapon maker. Your mission is to combine weapons to form better weapons, and you will earn bonuses from them to upgrade.

The match-3 gameplay is improved and creates a new puzzle style, which is merge. You’ll enjoy this gameplay in Merge Hit unblocked weapon combos. It is a simple but addictive idle game that promises to be a destination for entertainment and relaxation all the time. Get ready to craft weapons and win all your wars.

The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to touch and match the same weapon items to upgrade the weapon. With better weapons, you will have more money and unlock more new weapon models. So, match as much to diversify your weapon collection, why not?

If you can’t find a suitable weapon to match, you can click on the chest icon. There, you will randomly find any item and it might be what you are looking for. However, the number of weapons in the chest is not free, you need to wait a while to unlock a new item.

The challenge for you in this arcade game online will be more and more complex and varied. Initially, the game only offers a few squares to match, but later on, the number of squares will be more. As a result, you will have more opportunities to pair and discover a variety of unique weapons.

Collect the best weapons to win every level in Merge Hit! It’s so simple that anyone can play right away without going through any training. Simply click on items and pair to create new weapons. SO, everything is getting new every day, that’s the charm of this game.

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