Mahjong Safari Pogo

Mahjong Safari is a cool free game with a unique spin where you will have to control the speed and skillfulness of your hands in order to conquer your objective in the shortest time. What you need to implement to become the top winner is to collect the highest score by matching pairs of identical tiles and removing them as fast as possible. Each item will have an image of a wild animal. And you should observe everything on the playfield and find out the target. Mahjong Safari allows you to customize pieces. Select whatever you want and you can change its appearance as you expect. Not only that, there are three types of interesting power-ups in your Pogo game, consisting of Shuffle, Long Line, and Hint. You can earn these abilities and activate them to obtain awesome effects along with big bonuses. Additionally, they are effective to find the solution for your problem. Do not forget to search for special tiles like Four Stars and Mini-Animals! Besides, you are recommended to keep track your progress with available matches. Have fun!

How to play

Left click on pairs of identical tiles to remove them.

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