Lottso! Pogo

Play Lottso! Pogo game and use your luck to get an advantage over the opponent. You can sit between other players and enjoy your way. You are able to work alone or cooperate with other people to obtain big tokens. Before the Fire Card takes them down, you will scratch off yours. But, you should figure out the best solution to place numbers inside the triangle in the tickets to fill out these. Try to be the first one who earns the high point in the room to win as well as see your name set in lights! Although the rule of Lottso! is simple, it is not easy for you to master. Each round will only last in the short time. And you need to beat every challenge to be the winner. Not only that, do not forget to spend the money on purchasing entries. If you collect a certain score, you will receive a jackpot spin for more prizes and badges. Let’s check your ability and find the own strategies now!

How to play:

Use the mouse to interact with numbers.

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