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Lost Temple Poker Pogo

Lost Temple Poker Pogo is one of the most interesting free games that you can play online as a guest or you are able to sign up and receive a lot of useful features after that. It is about the new adventure of a man named Tex Carter. He is on the way leading to a mysterious building devoted to the worship. Furthermore, that belongs to a strange and dangerous place. So, he needs your help to surpass every obstacle that he surely guesses that he will encounter along the way. Indeed, he must survive before he touches the treasures that he always dreamed of. However, you should note that Lost Temple Poker is not a simple journey. Aside from trying to avoid booby-traps in order not to be set back, you have to multiply your chances to create a winning combination for your 21 hands as well as learning how to control special cards. Good luck!

How to Play:

Use the mouse to control cards and overcome obstacles.

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