Jungle Gin Pogo

Jungle Gin is a cool free game about an exciting adventure in which you can explore beautiful lands and take part in a classic challenge related to cards. You are allowed to customize your table your way before you start your job. After that, you can embark on your job with the computer or play against a rival. Sit in the middle of a strange forest and get ready to beat him in the short time. Try to be ranked among other characters or just experience your quest for fun! Note that your ranking will depend on the point you gain. Come to Jungle Gin Pogo, you can sign up for a one-week trial without paying a penny. The objective is to gather cards which fit into one of two groups: runs or sets. These are called melds. If one is valid, it will include at least three. If you’d like to knock or shout “Gin”, do not forget to flee and move to a tropical isle as soon as possible.

How to play

Use the mouse to take control of cards.

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