Jewel Academy Pogo

Jewel Academy Pogo is a cool puzzle game in which you need to learn and master how to match precious stones as well as control all of these mysterious and powerful gems during your adventure. What you will have to do to finish your task and open up the next stage is to combine three or more items having the same color so you will be able to remove them. After you successfully complete, several objects above will drop down and fill spaces of which you have already clear. If you can create groups or four or more in Jewel Academy, you will receive power-ups. They will support you to achieve the goal and increase your score sooner. Make sure you accomplish every quest in the shortest time to level up. Once you discover secrets hidden behind these gemstones, you can escape and continue your journey. Let’s begin and see if how long you will win! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to match jewels and remove them.

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