Insaniquarium Pogo

play free online Insaniquarium Pogo game and take care of your pets to become the winner! You will start the new challenge in a beautiful playing field set under the water. By using the ready money, you are able to buy some fishes from the shop. They will spawn and grow up later. Remember to collect coins! Besides, you should try to choose the laser weapon to defeat the vicious alien who is going to enter your tank. Kill them to gain diamonds! When you progress, you can find something extremely interesting in Insaniquarium. For example, an Oyster egg will produce several pearls after he hatches. Be careful! The enemy will sometimes come from secret portals. You must defend your achievements from their onslaught or you can fail. Don’t worry! Unlock upgrades and you can get stronger. Let’s begin and see if how long you will open up the last stage!

How to play

Use the mouse to interact with everything.

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