Crossword Cove Pogo

Crossword Cove is one of the top free games that you can play online and check your ability without difficulty. Engage the new test and get ready to become the best player who can figure out the solution for every trouble that you encounter in the shortest time! From the given daily collection of crossword puzzles, you are able to choose whatever you want to start. Aside from the first step, you will select the mode. Spawn in a stunning land and have fun with the challenge in the cool tropical atmosphere. meanwhile, try to fill in words from across or down clues. To relax, you can turn off the timer. But, you will be granted several bonuses if you complete your task quickly. There is a calendar in the Pogo game you enjoy. Besides, you can pick up many power-ups. They are stars placed on the grid. Activate them by clicking on the corresponding Counter. If you get stuck, press the Hint button so letters will be arranged again. To view the expanded clue list, you can hit the blue button. Or, you can change its position by using Rotate. Remember to tap the All Down when you have fulfilled your job. Good luck!

How to play

Left click to switch between the Across and Down clues, or tap Space. Use the keyboard to type the answer.

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