Crazy Cakes Pogo

Crazy Cakes Pogo is one of the best single player free games that you can enjoy and chat. You are hired to work at a magical dessert shop in the local. Your mission is to earn as much money as possible to win the goal and advance. However, you need to serve impatient people before you receive their tips. Additionally, do not let them wait for too long. Try to complete their orders quickly before they feel disappointed and walk away! At the beginning of Crazy Cakes, somebody will enter and ask for a tasty dish. Next, you can move to the kitchen and combine the flavor with a recipe from Cake, Cookie, or something like that. Then, you will put the mixture in an oven to bake it. When it is done, you can pick up and deliver it to the one standing in front of the counter. If they are satisfied, they will leave some coins to reward your efforts.

How to play

Use the mouse to take orders, cook, and serve.

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