Claire Hart: Soul Searcher Pogo

Claire Hart: Soul Searcher is one of the most interesting free games. It is a challenging journey that you are hired to help clairvoyant Claire Hart investigate as well as find out the best solution for supernatural mysteries in the shortest time. Your adventure will become more attracting with hidden objects. They will be the heart of the story. By using powers of clairvoyance and observation, every mystery will be exposed soon. In the house that you have stepped into, you can see that everything seems to be arranged normally. However, you have to quickly look for what you are required. They are crucial clues leading to the final answer to the problem that your client faces. Indeed, they will revolve around where she should go and who she will talk to next. You are recommended to use Full Screen to search for items in Claire Hart: Soul Searcher easier. There are many episodes that you can choose from. Besides, you can check power-ups. When you level up, you can understand more based on dialogues. Agility and accuracy are two necessary factors to earn the high score. Good luck!

How to play:

Use the left mouse to interact with items, collect hidden objects, and solve mysteries.

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