Chess Pogo

Chess Pogo game is available for you to play directly. Put into checkmate and you will be the best player! In other words, you need to make his King trapped and defeated. Before each move, you need to observe the whole map to figure out a proper strategy. Indeed, it is important to position your soldiers carefully and wisely since they are characters who will straight attack the enemy and capture their emperor. During the match in Chess, you are able to select your rooks, bishops, or knights if you want to protect the most powerful person in your kingdom. Attempt to build a strong defense to keep him safe or you will fail! Do not forget that the Queen will reign supreme in board games! If you do not feel comfortable, you can choose to practice your moves and improve your skills. Especially, you can set the rule if you are the host. Have much fun!

How to play :

Use the mouse to deploy your troops.

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