Bejeweled 3 Pogo

Bejeweled 3 is one of the most interesting popular puzzle games in history. It’s available for you to experience and check your skills. Sit back and focus on the goal in front of your eyes. You need to match given gems on the screen wisely if you want to conquer the challenge and unlock the next level. Matching will be the main task that you will implement after you enter the room. In the Classic Mode of Bejeweled 3 Pogo, you will have the time to master the basic rules and discover exciting lands. There are tons of colorful valuable stones and you should clear all of them as soon as possible. Create groups of three and you can burst them! If you get stuck, you can press the Hint button at the bottom to refresh or figure out another way. Each line you remove will bring back lots of points. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to collect several awesome power-ups. Good luck!

How to play :

Use the mouse to swap gems and match them to remove.

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