Backgammon Pogo

Backgammon Pogo is a fun free online board game that you can play and compete with a friend easily. With the own abilities, you should show your moves wisely and beat the opponent as soon as possible to win and be the champion. Indeed, you are going to engage a cool classic 2-player competition in which you and the rival will have to take turns and use them carefully in order to roll a pair of dices and take control of your set including 15 pieces corresponding to the dice rolls. Do not forget to clear everything from the playing board if you want to reach the goal you expect! In Backgammon, you can create a private room and build the match play, the Crawford Rule, and automatic doubles. Besides, you are able to pick the one to work together with or somebody from the random list. Finally, chat and exchange information if necessary. Good luck!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play and roll dices.

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