Addiction Solitaire Pogo

Addiction Solitaire Pogo is a unique game dissimilar to other free games of the same type. Your mission is to arrange and build a deck of items having the identical suit taking over single rows in the ascending order, from 2 to King (Aces are skipped). The rule is not difficult. You can have a look at the tutorial to learn about useful info or you can straight move to the real challenge. The round will start with 52 cards put upon corresponding spaces while you can embark on your job with 3 available reshuffles. By changing the position of an object and placing it in the empty spot following the basics of Addiction Solitaire, you can get close to the victory. There are many power-ups that help you continue after reorganizing. Aside from that, you can unlock special stuff by controlling marked award pieces to new points. Besides, Pogo Buddies are also remarkable. Instead of a Pogo Buddy, you can receive a token gift which is obtainable after you win a competition. Good luck!

Hơ to play:

Use the left mouse to choose cards you want to arrange or move.

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