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Pogo Game Play is an online free gaming website where you can play and join numerous games. Although this website is free to visit, you still find it annoying sometimes due to the advertising sponsorships, meaning you have to watch short ads during the game. Therefore, you are highly recommended to sign up for Club Pogo which is known as a subscription service. Once signing up for this, you will get lots of advantages and you are eligible to omit the advertisements.

All of the games at will be run in a browser supported by Java-plugin or Flash. With the games that are played in a “room”, the players are able to engage in that room and freely send their chats to each other.

When you play many games here, you will have a chance to obtain lots of prizes and a bunch of tokens. The tokens aren’t utilized in sweepstakes drawings anymore as of December 2010. But you can still put some bets of tokens on several games, like Texas Hold’em Poker, or High Stakes poker. About the cash and other merchandise awards, the US and Canadian citizens can access to them, only except the citizens in Quebec.

Besides free online games, the players can obtain some downloaded games from Pogo too. Most of the downloaded games are deluxe or “to go” versions of games that are already launched. You can purchase them, and join them offline. Several downloadable games contain some tokens and chat function, and they are just the same as the original ones.


Besides the website, you can gain an access to Pogo games via following platforms:


Pogo games for Facebook app beta was already introduced to the players in March 2010. You can check out more than 20 Pogo games which can be played with Facebook. Those games provide the players with a lot of features, like leaderboards, achievements, challenges, functions and more. For this Facebook app, you will still have to watch some advertisements during the games. But if you are a member of Club Pogo, you won’t have to watch those ads while playing, and you will even get some extra bonus with nice features.

iPhone/iPod Touch

Pogo released the Polo games app for the players using iPhone and iPod touch on December 7, 2010. After being released, the app climbed the top free game chart instantly. You can check out the mobile versions of some Pogo games when the game was released, including Poppit!, Word Whomp, Sweet Tooth 2, Mahjong Safari and Turbo 21. Phlinx was the sixth game attached to the app with the version 1.1. Then, the World Class Solitaire game was attached in May 2011. You will play the app with ads, but if you don’t want to see the adds, just make sure you sign up as a member of Club Pogo. By doing so, the ads will be gone during your games. Also, you can unlock and buy this app without any ads at a price $20.99.


CLUE: Secrets and Spies is a game that was released by Pogo on iPad in November 2010. This is a hidden object game with so many challenges to go through.

Chrome Web Store

Pogo also launched an awesome HTML 5 version of Poppit! game on the Chrome web store. Now, the edition of this game is contained with the Chrome installation.


Just like iOS devices, Android devices are also able to enjoy Pogo games app, but it will have several differences. For the Android users, they can’t enjoy Mahjong Safari and Phlinx because they are not accessible for play now. The Jackpot spins game was disabled already. For the World Class Solitaire, you can only enjoy it if you log into your Club Pogo account. No one-time fee is available to get rid of ads. You have two options here! Signing in as a Club Pogo member to play the game without ads, or you have to enjoy them for free with ads.

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